Joel Little

Joel Little -

Smoking status: Non-smoker

Joel Little spent nine years as frontman for Goodnight Nurse, who climbed New Zealand's chart ladder to become one of our best-loved, chart-topping, high-energy bands. Goodnight Nurse called it a day in 2010, providing closure to the many fans with a blinding final performance at Homegrown. We can't wait to see what his next move will be. Joel has made a point of never buying into the myth that being part of the music industry goes hand in hand with being a smoker. As he points out, less and less people smoke these days, so why be one of the few who does?


How normal is it to be a non-smoker these days?
Well, I mean these days you know you'll see someone smoking and it doesn't look like it's a weird thing. People still smoke but it's just not something that everybody wants to or feels that they have to do. I'd say the majority of people probably don't smoke these days.

Do you think that peer pressure is a big issue for younger people who start smoking?
Yeah, probably. I mean you want to fit in with your friends and if they're doing it you might think that it's something you're supposed to be doing, but just because your friends do it doesn't mean that it's right or it's a good thing to do. There's no point in it and hardly anyone's doing it anymore so you may as well not be one of the few that does do it.

How do you think the attitude towards smoking has changed over the past decade?
It's just not as accepted by everyone anymore. In my group of friends hardly any of them smoke and the ones that do are the ones that are kind of left standing outside while everybody else is inside at parties. People are realising more and more that it's dangerous and that it's just not that cool to be a smoker. It's almost turning into an antisocial thing now where you have to go, leave everybody else and go off and have a cigarette. It just seems pretty pointless to me.