GP Waru

GP Waru - Juice TV

Smoking status: Ex-smoker. Recently quit.

Glen Paul Waru aka GP has covered his media bases. He does film, theatre and television work to name a few. You'll recognise him from Juice TV interviewing local and international music talent. GP has been a heavy smoker in the past and lost his dad to smoking so he always knew it was a big mistake. It took him a lot of strength and courage to fight it. His advice is encouraging for those of you struggling to break the habit.


What do you think of the tobacco industry?
There are some sly people in the tobacco industry, with horns in their heads. They might as well be giving babies guns and putting them in a room with the safety off. The tobacco industry ... no one there can justify what they do. There is nothing beneficial about what they do. I feel very strongly about it. Being a smoker I know that I was sucked in and I gave up a good couple of grand to them, they got it. I was a sucker but never again. They are only interested in your money. They are not interested in making you feel better or cooler or anything. Just your money.

What made you want to quit?
Guilt. The deciding factor for me to quit was guilt. My mother had watched the love of her life pass away from smoking. And I am her youngest boy, her baby, and there I was with a cigarette in my hand. I just saw the heartbreak in her eyes, and I am not afraid to say it, it put a tear in mine too. The worst thing about smoking is losing your loved ones, or seeing your loved ones in pain. I lost my dad to smoking.

Do you think people see smoking as a normal behaviour these days?
No, I don't think smoking is normal behaviour. I think less and less so in today's social networks. I think people today really feel like outsiders if they smoke, and they are outsiders cos they have to go outside. You know it's wet, it's rainy and they're still going out there and they're making up every excuse under the sun to stay in the rain and smoke.